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The spacious nightclub space's long bar along the south side of the building has been renovated, with the rest of the walls lined with couches and seating areas.A DJ booth with state-of-the-art sound equipment and an LED light display towers over the dance floor, and the area behind the DJ space serves as another VIP area.Course updated November 2017 ********************** Do You See Magic and always be amaze and how this is done?How can Magician make a coin disappear and appear as and when they want? Full of magic tricks involving fire, Some tricks are dangerous so be careful when performing Coin Tricks that i have revealed! Variety of trick including Card, Coins, Money, Mind Reading.

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British DJs EC Twins will christen the venue on Thursday, Feb. 14 and the Generation Wild Tour featuring Deniz Koyu and Danny Avila stopping in Towson Saturday, Feb. A weekend including such top DJs is only a preview of the type of quality Marketing, Sales, and VIP Specialist Nicholas Conway and General Manager Jessica Warfield are aiming to bring to Torrent."We're already booked through April and May with DJs," Conway said.

"In the summer, we're going to be a little bit slower, but going into the fall and the school year, we're going to be booking exclusively the biggest DJs in the world. This venue is not anything Baltimore or Maryland has ever seen in the DJ dance music industry."Recher said they are already promoting heavily within the local college community, and Conway said buzz is growing as the opening approaches.

Nearly a year of construction and renovation come to an end this Valentine's Day weekend when Torrent Lounge, the nightclub replacing the Recher Theatre on York Road in Towson, opens to provide a thumping heartbeat for Baltimore's electronic music scene."There hasn't been anything like this in Maryland, ever, from what we've been told by people in the scene," Brian Recher, co-owner of Torrent Lounge, said.

The Recher family has owned the former Towson Theatre space since 1959, Brian Recher said.

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He and his brother obtained a liquor license and changed the space from a pool hall to a rock venue 17 years ago.

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